End Of An Era: Bishop Sports Network to Close April 21st

All dynasties must come to an end one day. This one just ended a lot sooner than all the others. Since I was a little kid, I’d come up with sports news articles and would make my parents read a stapled handout featuring crayon-drawn pictures and funny headlines. I knew […]

Oklahoma Sooners Top 10 Football Games of the Last Decade (‘08-present)

Since 2008 the Sooners have been arguably one of the best college football teams in the nation, and probably the best team to not have won a championship in the last 10 years. OU made it to the National Championship in the ‘08-‘09 season against Florida, they’ve won 7 Big […]

Why Jalen Hurts Is Ready to be Lincoln Riley’s Next Star Pupil

Jalen Hurts has committed to play for the University of Oklahoma for the 2019-20 college football season. Hurts is coming from Alabama where he played in three national championship games in his three seasons. However, after a bad first half in the 2018 national championship against Georgia he was benched […]

Why Georgia Was The Most Overrated Team of 2018

So you thought Georgia was top four team and deserved to be in the playoff. You were wrong, and its okay. Just stop talking about college football. Take a year off watching and go watch college basketball since you like your playoff teams to have lots of losses. Alabama, Clemson, […]