I recently went to my local cinema to see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. It was a fun movie. I liked it. It doesn’t change the focal point of reality in cinema as we know it, and if anyone argues it’s bad for life that Marvel keeps making movies like this – those people are idiots. It’s movies. Entertainment for the sake of exactly that, entertainment. The real intangible factors that anyone can bring from the film is the strangely real parallels between the characters and theme in comparison with todays NBA Playoffs. Thanos is like the Warriors and then there’s the “Avengers”, all the scrabbled together superheroes from all around the universe hell bent on protecting earth and freedom and all that crap. That’s why the ending to the movie is so perfect. Thanos wins.

Of course, in the conclusion the Avengers will figure out a way to stop Thanos and set everything back the way it was, the comfortable, familiar way of life we are all accustomed to – the type of world where a new threat comes along and after a few good fights ducks its tail and heads back to wherever it came from. The Warriors are different. They are the status quo. You can’t wish them away with some hacky offensive scheme. The Rockets are the last chance against total domination, and let’s be honest – they have no chance. It’s laughable. Superhero isolation ball with Harden and CP3 cannot keep up with the Infinity Gauntlet that is the Warriors Hampton’s Five. Each Infinity Stone can unleash a different and unique way of destroying you, and then together? It’s over. Two different players that can create their own shot and shoot fireballs at any moment; the two best shooters in the game, ever; arguably the two best defenders in our modern game – one, an on the ball perimeter hound dog, the other a relentless disrupter capable of crawling under the skin of his opponents; did I mention KD is 7ft tall and can shoot from anywhere?

I know people like to root against domination and true power. The underdog is always cuter and more fun to think about, I guess, for some. But if you can step back and see the real picture, the actual reality placed before you I think you’d see it’s for your best benefit to trust in a new world order. In the case of basketball anyway. I mean, the Warriors have won two of the last three Finals. Why not accept it and enjoy the show? Sitting back and getting cranky when Steph and KD and Klay and Draymond and Iggy lock you down and meet every run and surge of momentum of your boring, predictable team with the calculated cool of awesomeness, well that is just a lazy way of avoiding the beauty that is before your eyes.

If you stare at a sunset it might burn your retinas and blind you. But it’s going to be a glorious sight to behold. Sit back and take it in, just like Thanos. Enjoy the fruits of a better world, even if it’s at the expense of whatever you think you hold dear.

Anthony Statham

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