Bishop Sports Network is a brand new sports website designed to give you an entertaining and informative perspective from our writers’ viewpoints. Our goal is to have you leaving our website entertained in some way or another. Our plan for the calendar year is to find as many talented sports writers as we can to join the site and build on that. Our eventual website goal is to have sport ticket sales and sporting products available to buy on the website, but until then all we can ask is that you click on our articles, read them, and share them to your MySpace account or whatever you are into.

Our founder, Caymen Bishop, has no clue what he’s doing. He’s written for tons of sports websites and blogs in the past (being featured on Bleacher Report and Fox Sport’s Yardbarker) since he was 14 years old, but has never owned a website before this. He has no clue how to functionally operate a sports blog or manage other people, but he’s good at finding Deadpool pictures on the internet and uploading them so that’s really the only skill he believes he needs.

Caymen resides in Oklahoma where you can find him at your local gym letting all the babes know about his new awkward looking sports website that he purchased and designed himself. Those girls will likely tell him they’ll look at it with no intention of actually looking at it, but jokes on them for missing out on the best website that I’ve ever made. Caymen attends the University of Oklahoma, where he plans to watch Bob Stoops win Big 12 titles and lose big bowl games. He expects Oklahoma to go 12-2 or 11-3 every season he’s in school there, and will be disappointed probably every year. Aside from watching football, he’ll probably work on this website and go to class or something.

Richie Bishop, Caymen’s father, is also a contributor on the site along with many other talented and eager sports writers.

Enjoy the site! Contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, or just wanna say mean words at