Sho Time in Anaheim

Show Time is an LA thing. It always has been. As bound to the golden Lakers uniforms and the golden aura of Hollywood, as cars on the freeway during rush hour. The epitome of LA, purple and gold- show time, que your jazz hands. But wait- Show Time in Anaheim? […]

The Evil Empire is Back

One week into the 2018 season, it feels as though The Evil Empire has begun its invasion of the rebel base on the snow swept plans of Hoth. The Rebels are frantically making their escape, running about and scattering, while the structure which has housed them shakes violently. Snow falls […]

Fans Eye View: Spring Training

The late winter pilgrimage to the sun-soaked states of Arizona and Florida that is Spring Training in Major League Baseball is interwoven in tradition and easy living like the seams on a baseball. It is that time, whether graced under palm trees and balmy skies, or around red rocks and […]

Spring Forecast: 5 Teams to Watch in 2018

The practice of forecasting and list building takes patience, dedication, and a certain skill that can only be attained via the most formidable of motivations. It’s an art really, and although fun, it should not be taken lightly. Here, through tedious labor consisting of both eye tests and statistics, BSN […]

The Case Against Pace of Play Reform In The MLB

There are two things I am quite fond of. The first is the belief, or cliché, that if something is not broke, you should indeed not fix it. The other is baseball. Let’s first dive into the latter. The game of baseball has received its fair share of adoration from […]

Padres Pushing Relevancy

If the words vanilla, mundane, and boring were to manifest themselves off of a page and appear on to say- a major league diamond, none other than the San Diego Padres would appear. Then, through countless infinitesimal uniform changes, and last place baseball under the mild Southern California sun, we […]

Cold Oatmeal, Why The MLB Hot Stove Has Been Anything But

The MLB offseason, called by pundits and fans alike- The Hot Stove, has been anything but in this cold winter. If one were to attempt to cook oatmeal on the flame, one would surely be left with a tepid sludge. Dull and hard pressed for intrigue. Many have pointed to […]

The Ugly Asterisk

The 2017 MLB season has been subject to some scrutiny as home run rates across the league are surging. Coinciding with this, likely by no mere coincidence, is that pitchers are falling victim to blisters. Many look to the stitching on the baseball as the culprit, claiming it to be […]

The Race for Mediocrity

Entering the weekend, the American League Wild Card race is akin to a metered freeway entrance during rush hour. Everyone is getting the signal, yet no one is really moving anywhere. Said race is so mired in mediocrity, it prompted one AL club to consider themselves buyers and then astutely […]

The Mighty Have Fallen

When teams establish themselves as a sort of Goliath in the sport, fans gravitate towards rooting on their demise. They might echo the sentiment, Down with the dynasty, and understandably so. I agree, fell the mighty and watch them grovel. Especially when their dominance is at the expense of your […]