1st Round NFL Mock Draft! Browns Take Their Chances On QB, RB Combo

It’s been clear for quite some time that there could be some trade movement toward the top of this April’s NFL Draft, and after the Jets paid a hefty price to move from number six to number three over the weekend, it seems like an appropriate time to take a […]

Top Five Landing Spots For Baker Mayfield (Yeah, He’s A First Rounder)

While not expected to be the top overall pick, the most talked about player in the 2017 NFL Draft is Baker Mayfield. He’s an interesting quarterback who comes from a big school who played against top competition, but lacks the physical attributes that scouts talk about. The players that most […]

Top 10 Running Backs We Would Love To See In The XFL: Bush, Spiller, Vick A RB?

With the XFL quickly approaching (not really) it’s time to sit down and figure out who’s playing in this dang league anyway. There’s tons of big names quarterbacks in the NFL you can probably already imagine playing, looking at you Johnny and Tim. But what about the other positions? Who […]

Top 35 Quarterbacks That Would Be Perfect For The XFL

In 2001, the XFL introduced us to some names we were not as well familiar with. The league gave these guys a second chance at doing what they love to do. Play football. In 2020, we will expect to see the same thing with new guys. But if the XFL […]

What The Raiders Should Do With Shalom Luani

The Oakland Raiders are in a good spot right now. They’ve got a solid roster with a good amount of veteran experience in players like Marshawn Lynch and Michael Crabtree, yet on the contrary they a lot of young guys who have a bright future. This includes Shalom Luani, who […]

To Foles or Not to Foles

This football season has been, for all intents and purposes, a nightmare.  Injuries waylaid a massive amount of great players and viewership of the American sport (of the modern era) has plummeted to an extreme low.  As a nation we’ve grown to loathe the Pats and yet they’ve been offered […]

Top 8 Things YOU Should Want to See in the XFL

PEOPLE POWER! That is the gift that the highly-anticipating XFL will bring to its people. Owner Vince McMahon and the Xtreme Football League’s Twitter page has made it clear that they want the fans voices when deciding how to reform the great game of football. Are you tired of penalties? […]

Top 10 Cities That Could Land an XFL Team

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon finally confirmed Thursday afternoon, after many rumors and much speculation, the infamous XFL will be returning for a second go around starting in 2020. The new and improved version will have a “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly, and easier to understand the game.” With more streaming networks in […]

After LeBron and Brady, Who Will Be The Greatest Of The Next Generation?

The year is 2020. There’s an awful election going on. The XFL is back. But LeBron has decided to call it quits after 17 NBA seasons at 36 years old. Just a couple months before, Brady decided to retire after winning his eighth Super Bowl in a row. Uh oh. […]

How Good Is This Guy?

Aaron Rodgers is making breakneck (no pun intended) speed on his recovery from a broken collar bone he suffered on his throwing side of the body. It’s his second career collar bone break, the first since 2013 which he suffered on the other shoulder. It’s not the first time he’s […]