Return To La La Land

I got a real life quality glimpse of LeBron in a Lakers uniform today. He looks good. Really good. I was skeptical when I initially heard he signed with my team – well, you know, not my team, but the team I’ve loved my entire life as a sports fan. […]

The BCS Era: Ranking The 10 Best Teams, Quarterbacks, And Games

There’s been a debate brewing about the best college football team in recent history. Which makes sense, since it is just now August and we’re at the peak of College Football offseason, where we no longer remember what it was like to have college football Saturdays (don’t worry it’s getting closer). […]

How Curry Got his Groove Back: Warriors Win Western Conference Finals

  I’ve always lived under the philosophy that MVP’s are MVP’s for a reason. They figure out what needs to be done to take over games and most importantly, win. Steph Curry was a loathsome 2-13 from the three point line coming into game three. But he’s a pro and […]

Where LiAngelo Ball Will End Up Next Year

Earlier today, LiAngelo Ball declared for the 2018 NBA Draft. The day, which comes on June 21st, will feature many huge names such as Trae a Young and Michael Porter Junior. At this point, it’s under much debate as to whether or not Gelo will hear his own name called. […]

Black Panther – The Revolution is Now

It isn’t surprising to me that Marvel is responsible for the current film changing the landscape of cinema in early 2018. After all, seems like every movie that comes out these days is a Marvel universe film, Star Wars, or some unexplainable addition to the Fifty Shades Of Grey saga. […]