2018 FIFA World Cup Semifinal Predictions

Here are my predictions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Semifinals. These games mean the world to those countries that are still in the competition. This is the closest opportunity for a team to get to glory and players will be buzzing to win and get to the final. Only […]

Reactions to 2018 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

Here is my reaction to my FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal predictions. These games happened to be great to watch and showcased the best teams so far in the tournament. All the games were exciting. The World Cup is almost over and these teams have showed the world why they belong […]

2018 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

Here are my FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal predictions. These games are bound to be amazing. All these 8 teams now have the chance to become world champions for the first time or again in a very long time. The quarterfinals should be what soccer fans hope it will be. This […]

Reactions to my Round of 16 World Cup Predictions

Here are the reactions to my round of 16 predictions. These games were excellent and provided the drama that one could only see on the big screen. Some results were unexpected and others just proved how stronger the other team was. This World Cup has been one of the best […]

FIFA World Cup Round of 16 Predictions

Now that the group stage is out of the way, the real soccer begins. This is when the most exciting games happen because there has to be a winner. Penalties are now involved. It is the pinnacle of soccer and it when it is the most beautiful. This is when […]

Reactions to my World Cup predictions

The World Cup group stage is done. Now the most exciting part of the tournament is upon us. It going to be emotional and just amazing. This is why the World Cup is so great. Here is a review of all my predictions before the tournament began. Group A: My […]

The Man Behind Germany’s Exit

While many Germany fans would point to Joachim Loew and his odd choices in the team selection for the World Cup (lets not add Leroy Sane for some weird reason), the true man behind Germany’s exit was Korean coach Shin Tae-yong. For months, Shin Tae-yong was vilified in the Korean […]

2018 World Cup Predictions Part 3

This is the final predictions for the group stage that I will make. Part 1 and Part 2 are linked here: https://bishopsportsnetwork.com/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-predictions/ https://bishopsportsnetwork.com/2018-fifa-world-cup-predictions-part-2/ Group F Description: Germany – Germany are the current holders of the World Cup. They have won it four times. That pretty much tells you everything. They […]

2018 FIFA World Cup Predictions Part 2

This is a continuation from the previous predictions I made. Here is the link to the previous article: https://bishopsportsnetwork.com/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-predictions/ Group C Description: France – France comes into this World Cup as a huge favorite to win the entire thing. With possibly the best squad of any nation in the tournament, quality […]

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Predictions

The greatest sporting event is upon us. The FIFA World Cup begins on June 14th and ends July 15th. 32 nations compete to be the best of the best and the whole world is captivated in the drama. Even if one does not enjoy soccer, it is enjoyable to watch […]