Return To La La Land

I got a real life quality glimpse of LeBron in a Lakers uniform today. He looks good. Really good. I was skeptical when I initially heard he signed with my team – well, you know, not my team, but the team I’ve loved my entire life as a sports fan. […]

2018 NBA Season – The Second Half

Are the Warriors going to turn it on and finish the season in first place in the west? Or will Houston continue to play lights out and smoke everyone on their way to a possibly Finals appearance? How good are the new Cavs after the astonishing trades they pulled off? […]

THE LAND Of The Lost – LeBron and The Cavs

Lebron James is the best basketball player, pure player, over-all game meets talent meets size meets work ethic player, we’ve seen in our life time. Probably in the history of the game, the world.  Lebron is The Man. He’s been consistently the best for fifteen seasons. He’s won multiple MVP […]

The Twelve Games Of Christmas

Okay, so there isn’t exactly twelve games on Christmas day. But there are a lot. Like a lot a lot. Ask any wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt or cousin. Christmas day, like a really loud, not at all silent or secret coup, from sun up til sundown is chalk full of […]

How Good Is This Guy?

Aaron Rodgers is making breakneck (no pun intended) speed on his recovery from a broken collar bone he suffered on his throwing side of the body. It’s his second career collar bone break, the first since 2013 which he suffered on the other shoulder. It’s not the first time he’s […]

BSN’s Pound for Pound UFC Rankings – September 2017 (New #1)

People argue who’s the greatest in pretty much anything. MJ is considered the best basketball player to have ever lived. Tom Brady is now considered the greatest quarterback of all time. Tiger Woods can be called the greatest golfer of all time in his prime. But in most sports it’s […]

Top 5 Teams to Watch For in The Premier League

Embed from Getty Images Soccer season is finally upon us. Millions and millions of fans will be eager to see their favorite teams begin the quest to either remain in the league, to preform to expectations, and to possibly challenge and lift up the title in May of the following […]

A Tale Of Two Kyries

Let’s have some fun. Kyrie Irving has supposedly opened up avenues for a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s weird, I guess, for a couple reasons. First, it’s being implied through the grape vine that Irving’s camp never brought to light any such information – and it was in fact […]

The Sky Is NOT Falling In Lakerland

The good new: Brandon Ingram looks awesome. Lonzo Ball? Not so much. Yet. But no need to worry, Lakerland. It was Ball’s first Summer League game, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. He can only go up from here. It’s after games […]

A Division in Review: The American League Central

If divisions were awarded Gold Gloves for collective efforts, the American League Central would be bestowed said honor. The top four fielding teams in the AL reside in the Central, and that makes for good baseball.   The Tribe looks to repeat as AL champs, but they’ll have the surging […]