XFL Cities Announced! How Close Were Our Predictions?

On January 26th, 2018, I published my very first ever article for Bishop Sports Network. It was also the first XFL article to be published to the website. XFL owner Vince McMahon said he was going to bring the game of football back to the fans. The league promises to […]


This past Monday, after multiple reports and rumors, it has been announced that FOX has laid down a huge $1 Billion offer for the rights of WWE Smackdown. The show is set to air in October of 2019. Earlier this week, NBCUniversal declined the rights to keep Smackdown on USA […]

The Best Possible XFL Cities and Nicknames for All 50 States

A while back we made an article of who we think could land an XFL franchise. There were people who agreed with our ideas and some that wanted their city to be looked at a little harder. Let’s face it, there will be only 8 teams in the XFL in […]

Top 15 Wide Receivers We Want to See in the XFL

One of the beauties of the XFL is thinking about “who” and “what” will be in the in the league of xtreme. From 35 quarterbacks like Money Manziel, RGIII, and Tebow Magic to 10 running backs like to CJ Speed, “The Matrix” of Reggie Bush, or even the thoughts of […]

Top 10 Running Backs We Would Love To See In The XFL: Bush, Spiller, Vick A RB?

With the XFL quickly approaching (not really) it’s time to sit down and figure out who’s playing in this dang league anyway. There’s tons of big names quarterbacks in the NFL you can probably already imagine playing, looking at you Johnny and Tim. But what about the other positions? Who […]

Top 35 Quarterbacks That Would Be Perfect For The XFL

In 2001, the XFL introduced us to some names we were not as well familiar with. The league gave these guys a second chance at doing what they love to do. Play football. In 2020, we will expect to see the same thing with new guys. But if the XFL […]

Top 10 Cities That Could Land an XFL Team

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon finally confirmed Thursday afternoon, after many rumors and much speculation, the infamous XFL will be returning for a second go around starting in 2020. The new and improved version will have a “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly, and easier to understand the game.” With more streaming networks in […]