All dynasties must come to an end one day. This one just ended a lot sooner than all the others.

Since I was a little kid, I’d come up with sports news articles and would make my parents read a stapled handout featuring crayon-drawn pictures and funny headlines. I knew I wasn’t going to be a pro athlete. But I knew I loved sports and wanted everything to do with them.

That’s why when my un-athletic career ended after discovering how terrible my shoulder is, I decided I would just write about them instead.

My first article was in October of 2013. It was an OU vs Baylor college football prediction article and everything I stated would happen did not happen. I learned quickly to personal consider bias when writing.

I then started writing for different sites all over, got featured on ESPN as a guest picker, and made writing about sports apart of me as opposed to just a hobby. I then decided I want my own sports website before I turned 18 in 2017.

Well time passed and it was my birth month of 2017 and I had forgot about my goal. Once I remembered, I spent all my birthday money (I asked for in advance) to start the website. I called it Bishop Sports Network .com because I eventually want to have my own sports agency called Bishop Sports Agency (and eventually Bishop Sports apparel) which are still in my life goals list.

I had spent hours and hours turned into days to open up the site, writing 10 articles in the first week to set it up. I then got the social media accounts started, the t-shirts no one bought, and started advertising on the site.

I spent a lot of time in the first year, and the views were showing it. But I realized down in year two the low reward website was high on time and high cost. I got to experience what its like to manage a website and got plenty of credentials along the way making it well worth it. I also got sports experience that’s hard to come by and sharpened my writing skills along the way (except I don’t care near as much about that, there’s a reason editors exist).

I met some great people along the way and got to watch my longtime friend Michael Greene excel as a XFL writer and reach thousands of views on his article. We helped a couple of fellow writers gain experience and land a bigger gig. Thank you Michael you da man.

I got the chance to have my dad submit articles despite his incarceration, I’m sure he’s always wanted a chance to write about OU football and he’s probably twice the writer I am.

Also thanks to my longtime secretary, Brooke Lee, who stapled papers for me on the first day and says woohoo when I share good news about the site. She’s nice.

Thanks to my grandma JJ for always willing to edit articles for me whenever I wanted (or more importantly, when I didn’t want).

Thanks to my mom for always sharing my articles and boosting the views drastically and being my biggest fan even if you didn’t know what I was writing about.

And thanks papa for always telling people at church about my website and being my co-number 1 fan.

And thank you Brooke’s nana and papa for the worlds coolest bishop sports network present :

And thanks to anyone who has ever read, shared, liked, or told someone about the website.

Also thanks GoDaddy for the cool email (

I think that covers it, thanks for your support.

Caymen Bishop


Bishop Sports Network


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