It seems like the Conference Finals are still happening. Like, maybe when I get home tonight and turn on my TV it will be game seven of the Western Conference Finals. Maybe Chris Paul isn’t hurt with a hamstring. Maybe I didn’t watch the Rockets miss 27 threes in a row. Maybe…

But no. That happened. And it’s over. See you next season Harden and gang (no way – the pundits on ESPN and FSN will be ridiculing them mercilessly while simultaneously trying to bring down the Warriors with constant mentions of CP3’s injury and “How great they looked before he went down.”). No one can win. The talking heads have basically destroyed the love of the game with their never ending ramblings on every little knit-picky factor in every game and “Legacy.” Jesus man, I don’t ever need to hear about a player’s legacy again as long as I live. That is some psycho nihilist BS that only nerds care about, and honestly maybe not even the athletes (except LeBron). LeBron cares. And that is what brings me to the point of all this. The Finals start on Thursday and the Cleveland Cavaliers are believed to have absolutely no chance at winning.

I agree. 100%

The Warriors are going to humiliate LeBron and his squad of hacks and losers and used-to-bes. And why should that take away from the Warriors? Since when is it a bad thing to be the biggest baddest thing in sports. It’s like all this crybaby crap in our political landscape and TV and the trophies for all mentality has leaked into the way we view pro sports. I have to ask how? Why? What?! Sports are the one thing left where someone is supposed to get whooped. Is that why there is this repugnant dichotomy between LeBron worship and the inability to give credit to a team full of excellent players like the Warriors? After each game, between each round there’s nothing but a tree-shaking for any excuse possible, or a way to make LeBron’s greatness about anything except what matters now, as the Finals approach – which is he gets his ass kicked more often than not in the Finals.

Now, I get it: Eight Finals in a row. Damn. That’s pretty epic. He’s amazing. Arguably better than Jordan, blah blah blah. Looks how great LeBron is – his greatest achievement will be bringing this team to the Finals…


That is ridiculous coddling of the would be GOAT. It’s embarrassing. And thus why I want the Warriors to give LeBron the greatest beating of his basketball career. I want the excuses and the blame to be thrown around. I can’t wait. LeBron could average a triple double and still get swept and then the pundit head’s will explode. But no one will be surprised.

The Warriors on the other hand are suffering the opposite opinion battle. They’re constantly analyzed, looking for any chip in the armor.  And I mean, there is a fair gauge to that. They have immense talent and they have shown some complacency this season. But what matters truly? They are here and they’re ready to play for their third title in four seasons. Can’t knock that. Yeah, Durant chose to come to GS, and yeah Curry helped lure him after winning an unanimous MVP – and again, so what? Who doesn’t want to dominate?

Ask yourself something: Would you rather do great things and live in, be a part of it, you yourself, and know it physically, mentally and spiritually – or would you hope that a bunch of people who talk non-stop about other peoples accomplishments will speak nice about you?

Don’t lie – Warriors in 4.

Anthony Statham

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