Every fighter dreams of making it to the big time shows like Bellator and the UFC, so to be able to fight on one of these organizations, should be the pinnacle of a fighters career.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan whilst your in these organizations but, that’s just the fight game. After competing in The Ultimate Fighter tv series he earned a UFC contract. Even though he didn’t win the series, he showed on the series he deserved to be in the octagon with the best of them. Fights against top opposition in the UFC and a win in his first fight in the UFC against a very talented John Linkeker his opponent got tougher. Respected losses to current UFC fighter Tim Elliot and Kyoji Horoguchi seen him drop out of the rankings and lose his contract.

Now with having the taste of the big time he wants it again and is on a tear to get back there winning his last 2 fights. On a current 2 fight win streak Louis has earned himself a title shot for Ring Of Combat.

Beating Claudio Ledesma in a convincing unanimous decision win and finishing Sidemar Honori in 0.59 seconds of round 1. These wins have put him back on the path he wants to be on. Winning the Bantamweight title on September 21st will be the next step in an already impressive career.

Here’s MonstarsMMA’s Q&A with the man himself:

How was it for you being in the UFC so early on in your career?

It was a great experience. I only had 6 pro fights but had been training in martial arts since I was six years old. Better on The ultimate fighter show was a great way to get my name out there and even though I was moving up a weight class I jumped at the opportunity. 

Do you think you need a certain level of maturity to really believe your on the biggest fighting platform in the world and that the world is watching?

I think to be aware that your fighting at that high level is something you have to be careful with. Sometimes you can psych yourself up too much, or overthink it and not preform at the level you need to because you build your fight up to be something more than it is. At the end of the day, it is just two martial artist stepping into the cage to compete. It doesn’t matter that it is the UFC level, a fight is a fight.

From fighting guys in the UFC before and showing you can hang with top guys in that organisation does it give you that extra drive and determination to get back to that level of competition?

I know where I am at skill wise and know I belong in UFC. I know I can compete at that level and will get back there.

How sweet would it be for you to win the title in September then get the call from the UFC and them say that they watched your fight and they want to give you another shot?

After I won the flyweight title I got the call to the UFC and believe with a good performance the same will happen again. Lou Neglia puts on great fights and his guys get called up. He has a great record of getting guys called up.

Does it matter who is put in front of you come fight night?

Doesn’t matter. Obviously, I am going to prepare for my opponent’s style but at the end of the day, I am going to focus on what I am going to do and not be too concerned about what they are going to do. 

I know training camps can be gruelling with dieting and weight cuts, what’s the first thing your going to eat after fight night on September 21st? 

I am a 125er so 135 won’t be a hard cut at all. I’m not really thinking about what I am going to eat after the fight. Probably have a beer to celebrate. Just remember the winner’s beer always taste better than the loser’s beer.

Louis fights for the Ring Of Combat bantamweight title on September 21st in Atlanta city


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