Most fighters with 35 pro MMA fights would be getting ready to call it a day and be happy with their career, especially if your record was 27-8. For Scott this is not the case, wanting to take his career to the next level and make some bigger waves and aiming for the big promotions.

He started his success in high school when he was competing in wrestling. In astounding 165 bouts, he won a remarkable 146 of them, only losing 19. After such a successful wrestling career, he wanted to go a step further. MMA was the direction he wanted to go, training in different disciplines.

This ultimately led to him training with UFC veterans Dan and Jim Miller. A short amateur career of just 3 fights resulted in 3 wins. This is when he made the step up, making his pro debut in 2010 with continued success and a unanimous decision win. With a limited amount of experience early on in his pro career, he then went on to win 8 fights out of his first 10 at pro level. He showcased his abilities in his fights with varied winning methods, confirming he is a well rounded, confident fighter.

Going further into his career, he proved even more maturity and talent. Currently on a 7 fight win streak with 3 wins by submission, and 4 by unanimous decision, he is showing the MMA world it’s his time to shine. Convincing victories and a spectacular career, who knows what else Scott will achieve. Scott kindly took the time to answer a few questions surrounding his current fighting career and what he thinks the future holds for him.

You’ve got an impressive fight record and are currently on a 7 fight win streak how close do you feel a call from the UFC or another big promotion is?

I feel like the call is very close from the UFC or a big promotion because of my record and the number of stoppages I have had. I am a very exciting fighter that also has a huge fan base.

Do you feel the call has to come soon or it will be too late to show the best version of you to the world?

I feel the call will come soon. I truly believe that this is the best I have been in my career, mentally and physically. I’m experienced, I have a great fighter’s IQ, and I’m a seasoned fighter. I have been in this sport for a long time. But, by no means too long. 

Do you feel this right now is the best version of you over your career?

Yes. Absolutely, I’m seasoned, I am mentally and physically strong. I am very active and durable fighter. My nutrition is always on point. I always have a strong game plan, and I preform. It is proof when I step in that cage.

How would it make you feel if you got the call for a shot on Dana Whites Tuesday night contender series or a shot in the UFC?

Getting into the UFC has alway been my goal. it’s what I have been training and fighting for for the past 7yrs. I feel like its my time. I’m ready for that call. I have earned that spot, I would be extremely happy to get that call. It means to me that all these years of hard work have paid off and I start another venture in my life, UFC. 

Do you think once you win the title on September 21st that THE call you’ve been waiting for has to come?

Most definitely that call  has to come. After winning this fight on September 21st it should show That I am  a UFC caliber fighter. 

I know training camps can be gruelling with being strict with food and weight cuts, what’s the first thing your going to eat?

Anything that I don’t eat during fight camp. A cheesesteak, Anything fried ?! Lol 

Scott fights for the Ring Of Combat featherweight title on September 21st in Atlanta city.


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