Here is my reaction to my FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal predictions. These games happened to be great to watch and showcased the best teams so far in the tournament. All the games were exciting. The World Cup is almost over and these teams have showed the world why they belong in the top eight international teams in the world today.

France vs. Uruguay

My prediction: France 3 – Uruguay 2

Actual result: France 2 – Uruguay 0

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This game did not have everything. France came into this game comfortably and confidently knowing what they had to do to get the win. Uruguay came into this game with high hopes but without Cavani. Uruguay had no chance of winning without him.  This game showed France dominating and asserting itself on the pitch. I feel like France has not shown its full potential yet. France did win and deserves to be in the semifinal.

Brazil vs. Belgium

My prediction: Brazil 2 – Belgium 1

Actual result: Belgium 2 – Brazil 1

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This game was a very close one to call. Both teams were not up to their expectations but Belgium played brilliantly on the counterattack. It was a very intriguing game and one most fans enjoyed considering both teams went to score. Brazil had the upper hand on the defensive side, but an own goal killed the defense. Belgium controlled the game and Thibaut Courtois played exceptional. Belgium deserves to be in the semifinal. Brazil did not capitalize their chances.

Sweden vs. England

My prediction: Sweden 1 – England 2

Actual result: England 2 – Sweden 0

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This game saw England do what was necessary to get the win. This game was decided by winning set pieces and the speed the England attack had. Sweden was very good defensively but it was not enough to withstand the English attack. Harry Kane could have been the hero again but his play definitely helped out the rest of the members of the team. England are confident and with any confident team there are only a few things that can make them stumble in their quest for glory.

Croatia vs. Russia

My prediction: Croatia 1 – Russia 1. Russia wins on penalties

Actual result: Croatia 2 – Russia 2. Croatia won on penalties

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This game was all set up for Russia to win on penalties again. The first penalty taker ruined it for the whole team. This game was exciting and was a pleasure to watch. Croatia played decent but not as well as they did against Denmark. Russia went to the end and played with their hearts on their sleeve. Russia should be proud and were very close to the dream.

Joksan Medina

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