With UFC 226 coming up soon and many waiting to see how Stipe Miocic lines up against LHW Champion Daniel Cormier in a superfight for the ages, it’s time to look at the most intriguing possible fights to make across two different weight classes. This is the ultimate superfight lineup you could possibly make, basically. Here’s the hard part, you can only use every fighter once. Even though you could put Conor against every weight class and call it intriguing, that’d be too easy. However, Runner-Up doesn’t count. So here’s how it goes.

Flyweight and Bantamweight – TJ Dillashaw vs Demetrius Johnson, DUH. Runner Up: Cody Garbrandt vs Sergio Pettis: The most dissapointing match up not made in 2018 is TJ vs DJ. But the real crime is putting them on the same card and not having them fight each other. It should totally be at Bantamweight, not Flyweight. But 130 would make sense too. Maybe one day. Cody Garbrandt and Sergio Pettis would be flying knee galore.

Bantamweight and Featherweight – Cody Garbrandt vs Frankie Edgar, Runner Up: Dominick Cruz vs Jose Aldo: Cody-Frankie should have been on the UFC 222 card but oh well. Could you imagine these two swinging it out? I don’t think Frankie would wrestle Cody, which means someone getting knocked down every round. This is a badass fight and if Cody wins the belt and Frankie drops down, we could see it in the near future. Cruz vs Aldo is a WEC superfight but it’s also the most exciting fight for either of these two right now. Wish it would happen before both retire.

Featherweight and Lightweight – Max Holloway vs Conor McGregor II, Runner Up: Brian Ortega – Khabib Nurmagomedov: You know what sounds fun? Holloway vs McGregor and Ortega-Khabib on the same card. One of the best stand up battles you could make and one of the best grappling matches you could make all in the span of an hour. Sounds like MMA heaven. Of course, we’ll see Ortega-Holloway and McGregor-Khabib before it happens, but if Ortega and Khabib or Conor and Max both win it will be the fight to make. Holloway/Ortega vs Tony would be awesome as well.

Lightweight and Welterweight – Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tyron Woodley, Runner Up: Gaethje-Lawler: Who would be favored in Khabib vs Woodley? I feel like there is an obvious answer I just can’t tell you who it is. Can Khabib take down Woodley? Would Woodley KO Khabib? Is Woodley the actual greatest welterweight? Is Khabib the greatest fighter period? I need answers people. Runner up: From Ferguson vs Nick Diaz, McGregor-GSP, Nate-Cowboy II, Gaethje-Anyone, Till-McGregor, there was a lot of options to choose from. But Gaethje Lawler, brain damage aside, would be a fight I’d watch over and over again.

Welterweight and Middleweight – Wonderboy vs Robert Whittaker II – Runner up: Darren Till vs Kelvin Gastelum: Wonderboy knocked out Robert Whittaker. Since then, Whittaker has won nine in a row with 4 KO victories at middleweight. Would Whittaker run through him the second time around? Only one way to find out. Till vs Gastelum for the overweight welterweight championship would make a lot of noise in the 178 pound division.

Middleweight and Light Heavyweight – Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero III (Mwahaha) – Okay no that’s cheating, so Rockhold-Gustafsson it is. Runner up: Romero-DC: Rockhold-Gustafsson is an interesting battle between two long fighters who’s most memorable fights are losses but are otherwise elite. Rockhold-Gus is more interesting than any non title LHW fight you could make and is likely to happen as long as Romero doesn’t move up. If that happens, Romero-DC would be the worlds most interesting old man fight you could ever make. Both guys would dominate the current Old-Man Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix. A third bonus is Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones in a Muay Thai match, don’t @ me.

LHW and HW – Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic/DC winner. Runner up: DC vs Ngannou or Jones vs Lesnar. JOThe true GOAT match up would be this one. If DC wins the heavyweight belt and somehow finishes Stipe then Jones-Cormier is very realistic if Jones doesn’t get handed a four year suspension. There’s no reason Jones shouldn’t win, but if he’s really off the PED’s then who knows. Maybe DC is better when not dealing with the weight cut at his age. If it’s Stipe-Bones, then Bones can cement himself as the Greatest with no debate. If Stipe beats DC and Jones, how do you not put him at the top? 5 Title defenses at heavyweight with wins against Ngannou, Dos Santos, Werdum, DC, Jones, Overeem, Arlovski, Hunt, Gonzaga, and Roy Nelson? Geez. Stipe would forever be the Greatest Heavyweight with those wins on his resume. Lesnar-Jones is interesting, DC-Ngannou would be a great test for both fighters. Lesnar-Ngannou is my personal favorite freak show match to think about. 


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