Finally, OU vs Texas Gets The High Stakes Battle it Deserves

Oklahoma Sooners (-8) vs Texas Longhorns Horns down, Horns up, Horns sideways. Whatever way you put the Hookem’ sign, it’s not near as important as what will correspond on the field Saturday morning in Arlington. For the first time since 1923, OU-Texas football will not be played in Dallas’ Cotton […]


This past Monday, after multiple reports and rumors, it has been announced that FOX has laid down a huge $1 Billion offer for the rights of WWE Smackdown. The show is set to air in October of 2019. Earlier this week, NBCUniversal declined the rights to keep Smackdown on USA […]

Top 10 Cities That Could Land an XFL Team

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon finally confirmed Thursday afternoon, after many rumors and much speculation, the infamous XFL will be returning for a second go around starting in 2020. The new and improved version will have a “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly, and easier to understand the game.” With more streaming networks in […]

The Twelve Games Of Christmas

Okay, so there isn’t exactly twelve games on Christmas day. But there are a lot. Like a lot a lot. Ask any wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt or cousin. Christmas day, like a really loud, not at all silent or secret coup, from sun up til sundown is chalk full of […]

How Good Is This Guy?

Aaron Rodgers is making breakneck (no pun intended) speed on his recovery from a broken collar bone he suffered on his throwing side of the body. It’s his second career collar bone break, the first since 2013 which he suffered on the other shoulder. It’s not the first time he’s […]

G.O.A.T. Put The Debate To Rest

When I was twelve years old my uncle or somebody gave me a gold necklace. It may have been real gold or not, I’m not sure, and I don’t remember what happened to it. In fact, I have only one series of memories at all about that thin little chain: […]

CFB Playoff Preview: How Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson Win and Lose Games

CFB and most levels of football are often about three things. Coaching, defense, and quarterbacks. In this year’s playoff fields, you will find teams that have all three. Clemson has one of the best coaches of this decade in Dabo Swinney, a quarterback that hasn’t lost when healthy in Kelly […]

The Wild Wild Somewhat Embarrassing AFC West

Preseason expectations for the AFC West were sky high. Four solid football teams touted for their high octane offenses, crafty play-calling (OAK, KC & LA) and stout defenses, the kind of defenses that get nicknames like the No Fly Zone (DEN). My how things change. Kansas City started the season […]


Tom Brady. I feel like I could end it there. It’s the only words you need. Tom Brady. Tommy, #12, the GOAT. The Patriots, since Tom Brady settled under center have been the most impressive entity in all of American sports. They own the AFC East. They own it. Tom […]

LA, Wake Up! The Rams Are Awesome!

The city of Los Angeles is so fair weathered and flight of fancy. The new arrivals in town, The Rams from St. Louis and the Chargers formerly of San Diego, have such pathetic attendance at their home games they might have to hire Sean Spicer pretty soon to tell us […]