Chasing The Ghost

The debate about who is greater, Michael or LeBron is kinda pointless. The easiest way to settle any conversation that winds into that topic is just to simply say, “Hey, they’re both great in their own way.” and then flip the conversation to some other topic. And that is a […]

G.O.A.T. Put The Debate To Rest

When I was twelve years old my uncle or somebody gave me a gold necklace. It may have been real gold or not, I’m not sure, and I don’t remember what happened to it. In fact, I have only one series of memories at all about that thin little chain: […]


Tom Brady. I feel like I could end it there. It’s the only words you need. Tom Brady. Tommy, #12, the GOAT. The Patriots, since Tom Brady settled under center have been the most impressive entity in all of American sports. They own the AFC East. They own it. Tom […]

UFC 214: Jon Jones Is Right, He Is The Greatest Of All Time

“I believe that I already am the greatest fighter of all time” – Jon Jones, Undisputed, July 24th 2017 Lots of people think they are the greatest at their own respective sports. Usually they are wrong. Jon Jones is not lying here though, he is already the greatest UFC fighter […]