Return To La La Land

I got a real life quality glimpse of LeBron in a Lakers uniform today. He looks good. Really good. I was skeptical when I initially heard he signed with my team – well, you know, not my team, but the team I’ve loved my entire life as a sports fan. […]

LA, Wake Up! The Rams Are Awesome!

The city of Los Angeles is so fair weathered and flight of fancy. The new arrivals in town, The Rams from St. Louis and the Chargers formerly of San Diego, have such pathetic attendance at their home games they might have to hire Sean Spicer pretty soon to tell us […]

Lavar Ball Should Never Stop Talking

The father is not making this easy. Or so it seems. Beyond the bluster of Lavar Ball there is a man, a father, a husband. He is loud. He can seem crass. He can seem even sexist, a misogynist with a shiny bald head. But ask yourself something: Is that […]