College Football Conference Championship Preview and Predictions

Before we find out which four teams will be headlining this years College Football Playoff, we see which teams will be crowned champions of their beloved conferences. Will there be any unexpected results? What key headlines and factors will come into play? Here is everything you need to know about […]

What If We Always Had An 8 Team College Football Playoff? Here’s a Simulation

Imagine the College Football Playoff. WIth eight teams. I’m probably the first to put that thought in your mind huh? No. Probably not. Since before the four team playoff, people were talking about an eight team playoff. With five power conferences and a dominant Group of 5 team every season, it makes […]

The Big 12 Is The Best Conference When It Comes To Head Coaches

*Two incoming Ole Miss Jokes* When you think of the top coaches in college football. who do you think of?  Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, and Urban Meyer are the only coaches to have won in the CFB Playoff era and for good reason. 5 years ago, the answers you would […]

BSN’s CFB Preview: Top 50 Teams In 2018

The 2018 season will be here before we know it, but before that begins we want to start off our preseason previews with a banger. The top 50 teams in the country to start off the season with some bonus teams who nearly made the cut. This is based off […]

The Best Possible XFL Cities and Nicknames for All 50 States

A while back we made an article of who we think could land an XFL franchise. There were people who agreed with our ideas and some that wanted their city to be looked at a little harder. Let’s face it, there will be only 8 teams in the XFL in […]

CFB Playoff Preview: How Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson Win and Lose Games

CFB and most levels of football are often about three things. Coaching, defense, and quarterbacks. In this year’s playoff fields, you will find teams that have all three. Clemson has one of the best coaches of this decade in Dabo Swinney, a quarterback that hasn’t lost when healthy in Kelly […]

Naismith-U? Oklahoma’s Trae Young Could Be Sooners 3rd POTY Winner In Last 10 Years

Baker Mayfield is set to win the Heisman this year and become Oklahoma’s sixth Heisman Trophy award winner. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Oklahoma is a football powerhouse and has been since world war II, with five Heismans already to their name. But how bout that basketball team? In a […]

Baker Mayfield’s Consistency Will Get Him The Heisman

Plant the flag. Did you want Baker Mayfield to plant that flag? Doesn’t matter, cause he did anyway. That’s just who he is and like it or not, Baker’s gonna Baker. He has been himself and always will. Even on the football field, Baker brings a level of consistency at […]

BSN’s Preseason College Football Top 25 Power Rankings

Disclaimer *Power rankings are not polls. They are not measured by record or schedule or conference, it’s measured by the best team. Who the AP and Coaches poll bet on who’s the best team in the country is generally the most deserving, which in a lot of cases is the […]

Bob Stoop’s Top Five Wins At Oklahoma

A legend has retired this week in Bob Stoops, who coached Oklahoma football for 18 seasons. Each one with a winning record, including 14 seasons of at least double digit wins. He handed the reigns over to Lincoln Riley, offensive coordinator and Frank Broyles Award winner for best assistant in the […]