While not expected to be the top overall pick, the most talked about player in the 2017 NFL Draft is Baker Mayfield. He’s an interesting quarterback who comes from a big school who played against top competition, but lacks the physical attributes that scouts talk about. The players that most resemble him in college are Russell Wilson and Johnny Manziel. Which tells you nothing because he’s a mix of a Super Bowl champion and a first round bust. Lucky for him, he’s got the skills of Russell Wilson but plays like Manziel. But what he has that perhaps no other quarterback in this draft has is laser accuracy.

At the end of the day, the most important skill a quarterback needs is accuracy and decision making. Being 6″5 and 250 pounds makes you hard to tackle, but it means nothing if you can’t throw the ball accurately. Add that in with a guy that has the fire and will to be the best like Baker Mayfield and you can see why someone who stands at 6″0, 200 pounds is still being looked at as a top 10 guy.

But will he end up in the top 10? Top 5? Top 2 and not 2? Here are the top five most likely landing spots for the star quarterback out of Oklahoma.

Honorable Mention: Jets (6th Pick) – They seem to really be interested in Josh Allen, for whatever reason.

5. Browns (1st Overall) – If the Browns believe that Mayfield won’t last until four and don’t think any other player is worth a first overall pick, then taking Mayfield first makes sense. If they believe Saquon Barkley will last until four is likelier than Mayfield lasting until fourth, then they may pull their trigger beforehand.

4. Giants (2nd Overall) – The Giants are likely to take Josh Rosen at no. 2, but if Mayfield keeps trending up then it’s possible they take him instead of Rosen. The Giants have had Eli Manning as their franchise quarterback for forever, so they’re probably comfortable with Rosen who plays similar to Eli. However, new head coach Pat Shurmur isn’t Tom Coughlin, and after working with OU quarterback Sam Bradford his whole career, Shurmur may be interested in working with another Heisman Trophy winner from Norman with pinpoint accuracy. I expect the Giants to draft Rosen and sign Bradford in the offseason. Who knows what the future holds for Eli, hopefully retirement.

3. Saints (Currently 27th) – The Saints aren’t afraid of trading for what they want. If they think Mayfield has a ceiling like Drew Brees, then the Saints will trade in to the top 10 and grab him. It’s rare to have a guy that throws like Drew Brees, and there would be no better time to develop a quarterback than right now for New Orleans, who probably has 2-3 years left of the Brees era. If they draft Mayfield, then the transition between quarterbacks and contorl of the offense should be a Brees.

2. Dolphins (11th pick) – They already have Ryan Tannehill, but with his health still up in the air I think the Dolphins will absolutely take Mayfield if he’s available at no. 11. I don’t think he will be available by that time, but I see this as the latest he will be drafted. Also, people like to point out he once said #GetMeToMiami which made lots of Dolphins fans really happy. About an hour ago, Miami Herald wrote an article saying the Dolphins wanted more contact with the quarterback. If Mayfield falls out of the top ten, it’s cause he’s going to 11.

1. Browns (4th pick) – Baker doesn’t care who drafts him, he just wants to win. There’s no better way to prove that than by going to the Browns AKA Where QBs Go To Die. The Browns haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002 and haven’t won a playoff game since 1994. That’s good news for Mayfield if they draft him, because one playoff game means you’re probably a Cleveland hero for life. But with quarterbacks like Josh Rosen telling the Browns not to draft him, Cleveland probably wants a guy like Baker who wants to win more than anyone. They want a leader and they’re gonna get one if they draft him. I think he’s going there with the Browns fortunate fourth pick, which means they’ll have flexibility with their first pick. They might draft Saquon Barkley and Baker Mayfield, which would be a 2017 college football all-american team dream. It’s a possibility, and if they follow through with it, maybe they’ll win a game this year. Could you imagine? Cleveland Browns : 1-15. They’d have to make movies about it.


Where do you think Baker falls to in the draft?


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