So you thought Georgia was top four team and deserved to be in the playoff. You were wrong, and its okay. Just stop talking about college football. Take a year off watching and go watch college basketball since you like your playoff teams to have lots of losses.

Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame were all locks going into the playoff selection day. The fourth spot was down to Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Two of those were 12-1 and conference champions coming off double digit wins with wins streaks in tact. One of them were 11-2 and coming off a seven point loss that featured a second half collapse.

People from the South thought that ole 11-2 team was for sure a playoff team and the second best team in the country. Why? Because a loss to Bama is no loss at all I suppose. In fact, Oklahoma will be playing Clemson in the national title after losing to Bama. If we’re gonna follow that sort of thinking.

Before the 28-21 Sugar Bowl loss which featured a top ten team in the country and Georgia, the Dawgs still had no business being in the playoff. Let me explain to you Georgia’s season by the numbers:

8. That was their number of wins versus Power Five opponents. Ohio State had 12, and OU had 11 plus a win over a ranked Army team.

2. That’s how many losses the Bulldogs had in 13 games. That’s as many as Clemson, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State combined for. Post bowl season, that number rose to three by the way.

20. Thats how much Georgia lost to LSU, who went 5-3 in conference play.

4-3. Their record over their final seven games versus teams not named UMASS. Man its a shame they weren’t in the playoff. I hear teams that go 4-3 versus Power 5 teams later in the year are the most dangerous.

34. Georgia’s three losses combined margin. Notre Dame had one loss by 27 points, but not showing up for one game is better than looking clueless for three.

0-1. Georgia’s record versus common opponents between Oklahoma, the team that beat out Georgia for a playoff spot.

49-21. Georgia was outscored 49-21 in the last 80 minutes of its season by Alabama and Texas.

0. The number of logical reasons one could argue Georgia should be in the College Football Playoff (and number of bowl wins this season).

That’s enough roasting Georgia for the day. Don’t worry Georgia fans, the future is bright with Justin Fiel—nevermind. Don’t worry, you’ll always have the first half of the SEC Championship. Just waiting on the T-Shirts to be printed up.


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