Jalen Hurts has committed to play for the University of Oklahoma for the 2019-20 college football season. Hurts is coming from Alabama where he played in three national championship games in his three seasons. However, after a bad first half in the 2018 national championship against Georgia he was benched in favor of Tua Tagovailoa and the rest was history. Tua went on to beat Georgia and then take the Crimson Tide to a 14-1 record this past season as Jalen watched from the sideline (until the SEC Championship where it was his turn to lead a comeback against Georgia).

But have no fear Sooner fans, Tua’s dominance does not say much about Hurts ability. Much like Kyler Murray backing up Baker Mayfield for a season wasn’t anyone’s fault. Hurts would be able to start for every team not named Alabama or Clemson next season, which is more than most transfer quarterbacks can say.

Hurts had a 26-2 record as a starter, had 71 total touchdowns and just 12 interceptions. And that’s in an offense that is constantly playing with a lead and trying to grind out the clock. But we saw enough of Jalen at Alabama to know he’s a dangerous offensive weapon and can hurt you by throwing or running.

Jalen isn’t known for his laser accuracy. But he has a rocket for an arm and can run like a running back. He’s not as fast as Kyler Murray, but no one is. But that doesn’t necessarily make him a worse runner. Hurts is a running spread-option quarterback with arm strength. The accuracy isn’t complete (but an offseason with Lincoln Riley can do wonders for anyone), but he makes up for it with his decision making.

To compare, Kyler Murray in three seasons threw 50 TD’s and 14 INT’s. In Hurts’ three seasons he has 48 passing touchdowns and 12 INT’s. Half of Kylers interceptions came at A&M and he excelled greatly in Oklahoma’s offense, and there’s no reason an already polished QB like Hurts can’t do the same.

If you need proof that he’s already polished, there’s a video of him redeeming himself against the very team that forced him out of his starting job a year ago. A team Oklahoma fans are familiar with by now. Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs are no easy team to beat. But he did just that after replacing a banged up Tua.

Jalen Hurts isn’t Kyler Murray just like Kyler Murray wasn’t Baker Mayfield. But when you’re a talented QB playing in Lincoln Riley’s system, your already in a position to succeed. When a system fit to make it easy on quarterbacks meets an elite QB, it’s a beautiful sight to see. Thanks Lincoln Riley.

I’ll catch you guys next year, when I write an article about how Spencer Rattler isn’t Jalen Hurts and doesn’t need to be. Here’s last year’s on Kyler Murray replacing Baker.


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